About Sintoho


Noodles from Singapore, sushi from Tokyo, dim sum from Hong Kong. Sintoho delivers authentic specialties from the three cities represented in its name – Sin (Singapore), To (Tokyo) and Ho (Hong Kong) – promising St. Petersburg’s finest Japanese and Asian dining.

Sintoho’s design is stylish and state-of-the-art with a modern Asian ambience. Sit at the sushi counter and watch the chefs at work, as bartenders craft creative Asian cocktails. Enjoy the sizzle of the teppankayi grill. Or join the vibrant buzz of the dining room. Friendly, knowledgeable service creates a comfortable, easy-going atmosphere. 


Cold appetizers highlight St. Petersburg’s freshest sushi and sashimi, seafood ceviche and an Asian shrimp cocktail. Hot appetizers include Indonesian satay and zesty Asian soups. Dim sum features smaller dishes that may be shared as starters or made into a whole meal.

For your main course, enjoy quick-grilled specialties from the teppanyaki grill. Choose from the selection of steak, fish and vegetarian dishes prepared with Asian and European influence. Or follow the Asian tradition of sharing items family-style – whether Singapore noodles or Pad Thai. For dessert, Sintoho’s specialties are creative, light and refreshing.

Discover the Sintoho menu.

Cool Design

Enter a world of modern Asian elegance, featuring distinctive Asian-inspired plates, chopsticks and crystal glassware – creating a chic modern ambience.

Signature Dishes

Be sure to try the wild salmon tartare with avocado salsa relish, crispy skin and sambal, or the Singapore-style king crab legs in chilli sauce with egg.

"At Sintoho, I bring my understanding of the harmony of flavours, and my commitment to use the best possible ingredients.”

Hawan Jung
Sintoho Chef